Phuntsok’s Art

I am Phuntsok Tsering (P. Tsering). A Tibetan artist who paints scenes of my own native Tibet and Nepal.  All paintings are done locally in Pokhara Nepal and display various landscapes, people and history of the land that my family called home for generations.  Using skills that were developed while working for over 30 years in Kathmandu as a popular and sought after carpet designer, I make canvas come alive when my acrylic paint touches down.  In the late 1990’s when the carpet business collapsed and later the hand drawn carpet designing business was also reduced because of new technology in how carpet designs are made with computers, I moved to Pokhara to enjoy a quite life and clean air.  While in Pokhara I perfected my talents as a painter, spending countless hours with brush in hand.  Being one of very few Tibetan artists in Nepal who paint vivid images of their homeland, Tibet, I have been able to combine both the beauty I find in Nepal with the majestic history of Tibet.

I am able to paint scenes for clients on commission in various sizes.

If you have your own favorite pictures to be painted then you can order from me and I will paint for you on canvas via Acrylic colors. You should tell me which sizes you like it to be painted.

All work is done in acrylic and on canvas.

I do all work by myself in Pokhara Nepal.

Shipping of my paintings is done via SkyNet. It takes 7 to 10 business days for the painting to reach your place. I do charge separately for the shipping price according to the respective countries. The price of the shipping varies according to the distance of the country.

Mt. Kailash Price: USD 150 Size: 48.5cmx71cm

Mt. Tilicho ( 7,134m) Size: 41cmx59.5cm Price; US $115

Size: 48.5cmx71cm Price: US $150

Title: Fishtail Mountain Size: 35cmx53cm Price: US $50

Tibetan Opera girl, Size: 35.5cmx56cm, Price: US $100

Mt Kailash (6,638m) Size: 40cmx60cm Price : US $115

Size: 41cmx60cm, Price: US $130

Annapurna Region Size: 41cmx59.5cm Price: US $115


Elderly Nepali woman Size: 33cmx52cm Price: US $100

image copy

Nepali Village house Size: 35cmx53cm Price; US $80


Size 35cmx53cm Price: US $85


Size: 35cmx53cm, Price: US $100


Size: 35cmx53cm, Price : US $50

Size: 41cmx59.5cm, Price: US $80

Title: Nepali elderly woman Size: 35.5cmx55cm Price: US $100

Tibetan Khampa girl Size: 35cmx53cm Price; US $115

Title: Mongoloid girl. Size: 34cmx53cm Price: US $100

Mt. Amadablam (6,812m) Size: 35cmx53cm Price: US $ 80