Tashi Delek!

The richness of Tibetan culture is world renowned, as is the welcome of the Tibetan people. But it can appear complex and mysterious with its monastic societies, secretive tantric religion, troubled recent history and its nomadic heart.

The Tibetan Encounter Day tour is a unique opportunity to spend a day in a local Tibetan community and have the freedom to discover what life is really like for the Tibetans today.

Locked away for centuries behind the curtain of the Himalayas, Tibet thrived as a center of unparalleled spiritual learning and as a regional power until China invaded in 1959, forcing Tibetans to flee to surrounding countries. Today, Tibetan refugees in Nepal are eager to share their dynamic philosophies and way of life in order to preserve their culture.

The Tibetan Encounter Day tour is committed to assist in this effort. Developed and operated by Thupten Gyatso, who grew up in the refugee camps of Nepal, this unique cultural tour provides an opportunity to discover what life is really like for Tibetans today. Since we took refuge in Nepal, refuge communities have begun to share the great wealth of the Tibetans : their hardy people, their dynamic philosophies and their unique way of life.

Hear first hand from refugees about their struggles to survive in exile; Meet Tibetan doctor and learn about Tibetan medicine and it's treatment; learn about Buddhism and it's symbols; witness the ethnic dances that have been performed for centuries; and visit a local monastery and old folks home; Discover the arts and crafts of the Tibetan plateau- hear from carpet makers and thankha painters and learn about the symbols and images, that are so important in their work. Tibetans living in Nepal are free to talk and are happy to share stories of their flight to India and Nepal after 1959.

The Tibetan Encounter Day tour not only provides you with a unique window into the fascinating diversity of this living culture, it also supports these communities to preserve this precious heritage for future generations and makes the younger Tibetan generation more aware of our history. If you are planning a visit to Pokhara and would like to learn about Tibetan culture in an environment where Tibetans are free to tell their stories, please contact me about joining one of my cultural tours, we hope you will join us for a morning/afternoon half-day, full day, or overnight tour to one of the four Tibetan settlements in Pokhara.