• Destination: Jampaling / Tashiling Tibetan Settlement Departure: 6 or 7 a.m. depending on season. Return: Around 9 a.m. the following morning Program includes: Enjoy Tibetan breakfast, which includes, tsampa (barley flour), butter tea and Tibetan bread in a local family. Hear first hand from refugees about their struggles to survive[...]
  • Destination: Paljorling, Tashiling and Tashi Palkhiel Tibetan Settlement. Departure: 09:00 a.m. Return: Around 5 p.m. Program includes: Discover the arts and crafts of the Tibetan Plateau – learn about the symbols and images that are so important in the work of carpet makers. Meet a Tibetan doctor and learn about[...]
  • Destination: Sarangkot, Tashi Palkhiel, Tashiling and Paljorling Tibetan Settlement Departure time : depends upon the weather condition and time of year, but we always leave well before dawn. Return: Around 01:00 p.m. Program includes: Rise before dawn to drive on top of Sarangkot, the mountain on the south side of[...]
  • Destination: Tashi Palkhiel, Paljorling and Tashiling Tibetan Settlement. Departure: 6 a.m. (Depending on season), pick up from your hotel Return: Around 01:00 p.m. Program includes: Visit the monastery and attend their morning group pooja (prayer chanting) with the monks and hear the horns, drums, conch shell, trumpet, bell etc use[...]

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